The No BS Google Sniper Review – Guess What, it’s NOT a Scam!

My name is Tim and I have been in the “make money online” world for over 4 years now. There have been some ups and downs during this journey but I have finally been able to make a FULL TIME income online with my endeavours.

Unlike EVERYONE else reviewing this product who makes up a fake alias I’m not here to blow smoke and BS you, I’m here to be 100% honest with you about my experience with the Google Sniper training that I’m guessing you are interested in purchasing.

Let me set the record straight before we get the Google Sniper Review started. Everyone calling the Google Sniper system a scam simply wants to SELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE. They are just using the Google Sniper Scam title to get you to read their content and be persuaded to purchase the products they are recommending.

If you want to skip all the reading, at the top of the page is a VIDEO review of the Google Sniper training BELOW:

If you want the official site go here: www.googlesniper.com

Lets get to what matters and cover what I will be reviewing so you can skip ahead if you want:

  • Who is George Brown and can you trust his training?
  • What is actually covered in the training?
  • Can anyone master the techniques Google Sniper reveals?
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of the Google Sniper system?
  • Should you buy or not?


1 – Who is George Brown?

In case you are totally lost, George is the creator and teacher of the Google Sniper system!

George started his Internet marketing career at the young age of 17 and quickly became known in the community for his niche sites (don’t worry, I’ll explain what that is later) that were earning him a passive monthly income. By 2010 he was earning over $500,000 a year with this same system! It became quite clear he had found a loophole that he needed to share with others.

George Brown

Google Sniper was born when he and his friend decided to make a training course teaching regular people this same system he had discovered a few years before.


If you think by purchasing a course for $47 you are going to be instantly making $20,000 you’re crazy and I’m sorry I ruined your dreams! I will get more in depth about the training below, but to be honest with you…just like any thing in life, there is work involved. If you implement his training AND invest time and effort you CAN make money with this system. If you want income proof, watch my video where you can see one test account where I made over $3000 with one small site!

George Brown runs a legitimate online business selling the Google Sniper Training and is a TOP SELLER on Click Bank which simply will NOT let scammers sell products on their website. My Google Sniper Review is going to prove this!

If you want the official site go here: www.googlesniper.com

2 – What is actually covered in the training?

So the whole premise of this system is creating small niche websites targeting EASY keywords on Google. Once you have found easy keywords to rank for in Google, you then build a site around those keywords and promote affiliate offers that are related to the keywords it self. Eventually once you’ve learned the strategy yourself you can outsource the work to someone else and AUTOMATE the whole process!


A very tough keyword to rank in Google would be “how to lose weight.” The Google Sniper way would be finding a keyword like “how to lose weight fast when your over 50.” Once you have built a small website (once you know how, you can outsource this someone else for CHEAP, more on that later) around that keyword you begin to get visitors arriving on your website. You then refer them to lose weight products from Click Bank and get commissions when your visitors purchase your referred products.


This is an awesome strategy for a few reasons:

  • Complete beginners can learn and master this technique
  • You can scale this to a large monthly income
  • It’s easy to find good keywords to target with George’s training.
  • Building a website is SUPER SIMPLE with his training. It’s all Step-by-Step.
  • Once you set up the site and optimize it for Google, it can make money on autopilot and you simply make more and more sites!


In short this is what you’ll learn:

  •  How to find revenue-generating keywords on Google and build a small site around those keywords.
  • How to find the right products to promote to your visitors to make maximum commissions.
  • How to optimize conversions once visitors start coming to your website.


This is how the training is broken up once you’ve purchased:

  • Getting Started: In this section you’ll simply learn the basics and what you’ll need to start growing your Google Sniper business. This is a real business, so you must get the basics under control.
  • Google Sniper Main Training: This is obviously the main training section where the bulk of the training occurs. The training is all VIDEO based and very easy to follow as it is “over the shoulder” type of training with STEP-BY-STEP instructions. It also includes some e-books.
  • Empire Training Section: This is the coolest part about the whole concept. Ideally once you’ve learned the techniques George will teach you how to outsource the WHOLE business. It’s insane as I’ve been able to hire full time workers for about $200 a month to build my sites on autopilot for me.
  • George’s Rolodex: In this training module George goes over all this tools he uses and where to find them for yourself. This was VERY helpful for me.
  • Sniper X: This is worth the cost of the training it self. It has a Q and A section and updated monthly with free webinars that go over all the training. I’ve only attended 2 webinars, but both were great value and FREE!


 Google Sniper Pro’s and Con’s:


  •  The training is mostly video based and step-by-step.
  • Once a site is done, it earns on auto-pilot with little to no maintenance.
  • Complete beginners can learn the system
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.
  • The cost is only $47!
  • The support is great if you have questions.
  • The FREE webinars are awesome and very helpful.
  • There is no limit to the income you can create. Its up to you!



  •  The system does take work! LOL..I know, it’s not a push button get rich quick scheme.
  • If you try to “recreate the wheel” yourself and do your own versions against George’s advice, you wont’ be successful.
  • It does require some patience. Earnings typically start coming in after 2-3 weeks on a new site.


Should you buy or not?

I told you I was going to be 100% honest the entire review, and I have been! If you want a get rich quick systems (which doesn’t exist by the way) then go elsewhere. The Google Sniper 3.0 system is great way for beginners and advanced marketers to start making a real passive income online. As shown in the review video with one of my test sites I was able to make $3,000 in about 6 months with ONE site. The power of this system is building as many sites as possible.

As stated above, all the scam talk is complete BS. If George was scamming people he wouldn’t’ be selling his products on Click Bank which is the LARGEST MARKETPLACE for digital products in the world. All of his products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. So you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

The official website is here if you want to get started: www.googlesniper.com